Backpack Buying Guide

So what to look for when shopping for a backpack?

We've tried, seen, and experienced backpacks over the years. We know what works. So in order to save you hours upon hours of research, We're going to shed a light on what are the features to look for and which ones to choose for your specific needs.

The most important factor when buying a backpack depends a great deal on what the bag will be primarily used for. A daily commuter bag, Travel bag, school backpack, business or pleasure. Today there a lot options available at many price points. Let's take a look at what is trending and which are here to last.

The main focus recently is on safety, security, visibility and connectivity, For example students at one Florida School were told to use Clear Backpacks for security purposes. The Transparent backpack saves you time by making it  easy to see what you have packed, It might also be helpful going through security. All in all this new trend is probably here to stay




So there may be other reason for which it would be good to be noticed an be seen easier at night or low light with a bright colored Holographic backpack. Not only they are trendy and in style they are also bright enough to make you get noticed.



- Anti-theft backpacks that have hidden zippers and some that require a password for access are becoming more popular amongst high school and college students, who are carrying valuable laptops, tablets, etc. With anti-theft system there is less chance of lost valuables and more of a deterrent against would be thieves. 




- Backpacks with USB charging ports are another ever more popular line of bags used by professionals and business commuters as the ability to charge devices on the go is time saving and could be life saving in case of power outage or an emergency.  Easy charging of smartphones and other devices using an accessible USB charging port on the outside of the bag while the power pack stays sfly inside the backpack.





Waterproof Backpacks are increasing in popularity and it is easy to see why, when so many consumers are carrying Laptops,Tablets and Smartphones everyday. Peace of mind when it's calling for rain or for when you get caught in a storm.