9 Fabulous Statement Necklaces To Jazz Up Your Outfit!

Winter fashion can take a toll on our style with monotone color clothing, lots of black and warm layers that keep us longing for vibrant and colorful spring fashion. Until spring arrives you can keep warm and make a fashion statement in the dreary winter season and we'll show you how.
Today we're putting the spotlight on one of our favorite accessories: statement necklaces. Whether you're elevating jeans and a tee or adding personality to an LBD, a great necklace can instantly transform any outfit. It'll be a refreshing change of pace considering the whimsicality a bouquet of charms has the potential of evoking. 
If you love the look of the statement necklaces, but you are not quite sure how to style them, then you’ve come to the right place 

statement necklacestatement necklace

There are unlimited ways on how you can wear them because there are tons of styles, colors and designs that can easily allow you to express yourself. After all, the reason to add jewelry to our outfits is to be able to show our creativity, personality and signature style to the rest of us. One of the best ways to wear them is by taking your basic outfit and turn it into a dressed up trendy look simply by adding a glamorous and bold detailed statement necklace.

Also, statement necklaces are suitable to style with many kinds of necklines because they can bring dimension to your outfit.

1.Ladylike Looks

Transform any outfit with these fab ladylike statement necklaces that are confidence boosters!9 fabulous statement necklaces to jazz up your outfit! Star-Elegant.com


Retro style Colorful Gem Rhinestone Flower


2.Tribal is So big for Spring and Summer

In contrast to the neat and classy look, some of us are very open-minded with artistic hearts, therefore a boho-inspired art deco style necklace can perfectly project your artsy style. A bold coined statement necklace for a boho look!

Add an art deco statement necklace to your look for a boho chic vibes 

The must have essential element to achieve the boho chic look is a longer statement necklace or a fringed necklace that is hippie inspired, but at the same time elegant and stylish.

Coined Statement Ncklace for Boho Outfits

  A bold coined statement necklace for a boho look

Featuring “Mystery Ancient Coins Bib Necklace

For a comfortable bohemian wear add some ankle boots and a flowy patterned skirt or a dress of natural earthy colors. If the weather doesn’t permit you, you can always add a knitted sweater to keep warm.

Tribal statement necklaceTribal statement necklace

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Leave it to  Rachel Zoe to bring a simple, monochrome look into sophisticated evening territory. The super stylist attended a movie screening in a classic black maxi tank dress, wide brown belt, chocolate Gucci clutch, and heels — and elevated the look for a chic Summer night, just by adding a great statement necklace. Her bright gold spiked necklace was the perfect accessory; it pops nicely against the black dress and adds a bit of edge and intrigue to an otherwise casual look. Feeling inspired? Click below to shop similar necklaces.

 Rachel Zoe




Gold Tassel Necklace Vintage Styled

4. Glam statement necklaces for special occasions

Heavy statement necklaces are the perfect accessory for special occasions or a night-out because they are a great way to help you escape from the mundane routine of styling your clothes.

They can truly give you a unique and distinctive look because of their daring and chunky size.

Chunky statement Necklaces with White Dress

Chunky statement necklaces are great for night-outs and special occasions

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5. A trendy necklace with your “Out of style clothes” for a revamped look

We all have some old clothes that we think are out of style, but have you ever thought of adding a trendy eye-catching statement necklace to revamp your oldies?

You can always pull out of your wardrobe the old clothes and give them a completely improved appearance by adding a stylish and fashionable statement necklace that would be the center of attention in your outfit.

So take a look at what suits your colors and features best!

These Statement Necklaces have a tendency to put a smile of confidence on your face!

6. Statement necklaces with bright colors for a polished look

Matching the colors of your accessories or clothing can give your outfit a very cute appearance and they are so fun and easy to style because all you need to do is find a matching in color piece of clothing or other type of accessory like a bag or shoes that can be paired with your colorful statement necklace.

Either match or contrast!

 Imitation Gem Stone Statement Necklace

 7. Chunky Crystal statement necklace

In combination with a dressy outfit for an edgy & fashionable look, Chunky necklaces can give an unexpected twist to your style because they are so remarkable. Your normal outfit in combination with a heavy detailed necklace will convert into an edgy and stylish look.

Statement Necklace with White Dress, Gif

Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd and give a sophisticated and personal touch to your final look.


Crystal Statement Necklace

8. A graceful statement necklace for a neat and elegant style

There are many designs that can be suitable for the ladies that prefer more discreet statement necklaces for an elegant refined look.

This type of style can almost remind you of the modern British royalty-inspired outfits, but you can easily bring it up to date by adding a trendy statement necklace of neutral colors.


For example, a modern clean design that doesn’t attract a lot of attention, but enough to complete your outfit is better than a chunky piece with a lot of elements and colors.

Complement such a necklace with a dressy shirt and a vintage-inspired blazer for a perfectly posh style.

Add a smaller statement necklace to your dressed up outfit for an elegant style

More Elegant Style Statement necklaces

9. The comfy statement necklace for an everyday look

When we think of statement necklaces we picture a bold and detailed evening necklace that is only appropriate for certain types of events, which is far from being true because you can easily pick an everyday statement necklace that you can wear whenever you want.

Make sure to select a statement necklaces of faded shades without crystals or any shiny rhinestones.

Get yourself a statement necklace that you can wear for any occasion

Choose your statement necklace according to your outfits. 

Embellish your outfit with a floral necklace for a feminine style


Allow yourself to explore the world of statement necklaces that can change the appearance of your outfit in a truly unique and creative way!

Give a personal touch to every outfit you style and make sure to have fun while you do it!